The Pitcher Deluxe 5e3DX is an amp of elegant simplicity. It has singing, sustaining tweed tones but with modern power and solid bottom. Plug straight in and let the volume knob on your guitar dictate clean or mean.

Deluxe 5e3DX Features

  • Built to order with cosmetic, tube and speaker choices
  • 14 to 18 watts power depending on output tube choice
  • Takes 6L6, 5881 or 6V6 output tubes
  • Takes GZ34 or 5U4GB rectifiers
  • Hand wired eyelet board construction
  • 2 uniquely voiced Hi/Lo inputs that can interact or be jumpered
  • Cathode biased
  • Mercury Magnetics output transformer
  • Single 12" speaker (Celestion Greenback recommended)
  • Pine cabinet

-Steve with his Shadow-

-Eddie with his Shadow-

-The Mirage Boost Module-

The footswitchable Boost Module consists of a Mid Boost Preset control with push/pull gain-boost. This versatile module gives the player some fat solo options without the need for boost pedals. The Boost Module uses 1 relay with an isolated power supply for reliability and low noise.

Visible also is the unique 3-way Normal/Bright/Cut switch.