What we do:

Pitcher Amplification specializes in building high quality vacuum tube guitar amplifiers.  I believe the best musical instruments are built by people who actually have the talent to also play them.  Pitcher amps are born from a mix of equal parts musical talent, electronics wizardry, and a lifelong pursuit of the ultimate in guitar tone. 

How we got here:

My name is Alexander Whitaker Pitcher.  Please call me Whit.  To understand what really goes into a Pitcher amp, you have to know something about me.

During my formative teens, my mom used to say “Whitaker, if you don’t stop talking about amps and guitars all the time, you will never get a girlfriend”.  I worried that she might be right about that so I followed her exhortations to become more “well rounded”.  To that end, I started taking things apart to see how they worked (including my Silvertone 1484, and a very expensive Baldwin electric guitar which ended up with pickups scrounged from an earlier, cheap Kent guitar).  I built electronic projects and learned how to work on cars.  Later I built a chopper out of an old 1956 Harley Pan Head.   I was getting pretty “well rounded”.  Somehow, I don’t think that is what mom had in mind.

Since those fateful words from mom, my life has been full of almost nothing but music related activities and the inevitable heartbreak when some girl dumped me (too much amp talk, I suppose).  At 16 I built a fuzz tone (it was true-bypass before it was cool!) out of an old tape recorder after seeing “Strawberry Alarm Clock” and "Buffalo Springfield".  For about 15 years I played in many working rock, country-rock and variety bands touring throughout the USA.  I established the sound production company, WHITSOUND, in the mid 80’s where I built my own ported sub woofers and electronic crossovers to match, and mixed hundreds of touring acts with that system.  In my spare time, I got a degree from Auburn University.  I worked full-time for several years as house engineer at Ziggy’s, one of the South’s most successful night clubs.  I have engineered studio projects and for a few years, repaired and modified guitars.  I have hacked every guitar and amp I have every owned, wound my own pickups and tripped a few breakers.  I am immune to electric shocks (just kidding, that shit can kill you)!

The point is I have experienced music and electronics from all the angles necessary to produce solid, reliable amps that deliver uncompromising tone.  When you get a Pitcher amp, you are getting my entire life with music expressed as a vacuum tube amplifier.  Currently, I build every amp from start to finish.  My buddy, Ken Jones (also a consummate bassist and tone fanatic) builds the shells, cabs  and covers to my specs.

-Steve with his Shadow-

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